April 28, 2007

Martha. Welcome to the cult...

Finally we meet.

Everyone's been talking about you. They said you wouldn't want to scrap with us 'dowdy' scrappers, but I didn't believe them! I'm saving you a permanent seat in my scrap room, just in case.

Check out Kim's blog.

They have lots to say about you over at Two Peas In a Bucket. Alot. Over and over again. Please tell me know what 2peas is!

Well Martha, the world knows you are one feisty bitch, and that's a good thing. You'll need to be scrappy in this industry because your market research may not have told you that this industry chews up and spits out pretty much any established celeb who tries to grab a piece of the pie. Did you chat with Leeza before you made your move? If you need to reach her, she's dancing with the stars now.

1 comment:

Kim Guymon said...

Hmmmm, Martha on Dancing with the Stars??? I would pay money to see that - LOL!

Don't just sit there...SCRAP SOMETHING!