May 3, 2007

Feeling extremely virtuous...

sitting here eating a lovely chef salad as I type. So GOOD for me. Way to go sandra! High five! (see how I have to psych myself up for this???)

Resisted the urge to time my picking up from school with a swing through the McD's drive thru. I mean, sheesh, I can *assemble* a salad faster than a trip to the golden arches and back.

My hubby, the little scoundrel, has dropped 20lb. since Christmas. Bugger. How, you ask? By not eating after dinner, and stopping ordering the double Quarter Pounder with a cheeseburger chaser. Rascal.

Anyway. I realize that my lifestyle has contributed to *my* extra layer. All the crops & retreats with scads of potluck goodies, gourmet meals, late night munchies. And running around like a nut job all week in between, putting much less effort than necessary into eating right.

So I figure any time I can substitute a salad for something worse, I'm doing myself a favor. Baby steps.

Did I mention my hubby is a scalawag?


Anonymous said...

You go girl!!! It takes alot to not take the easy way out. I say any steps away from the junk is a step in the right direction. Do we need to start a "healthy foods" support group? Maybe only fruits and veggies(fat free dip) at the crops?- Denise

Donna said...

whats with that? how come men can take the weight off so much easier?

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how much easier the pounds come off of men....their metabolisms are just more efficient...bastards.

Good for you for making baby steps. I promise that if I'm attending a crop or a retreat that I will bring a healthy option (FYI seven layer dip made at home is way better for but the store bought one is still pretty good!). And you can make cupcakes with just cake mix and a diet coke. And they taste really good with Fat Free cool whip....yummmm coool whip.


Anonymous said...

Good for you Sandra, I'm right there with you, and yes those men get off waaaaaaaay too easy, my hubby just has to say the words, "I need to loose a few" and it goes bye bye. Meanwhile, I plan, stress, shop accordingly and it still takes awhile. We will all support each other. Healthy eating!

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