June 16, 2007

...and the weekend rolls around again...

Will I scrap this weekend? YES!

Crop night was last night, and there's another one tonight. And I'm happy to say that I completed an entire layout last night! That rarely happens at Crop Night, because I'm busy playing hostess and talking too much. And eating too much.

So I'm going to complete ONE layout tonight also. That's my goal. Can't go to bed till its done. Its not that hard when you consider I have six hours to work on it.

In fact, most of the 11 of us were pretty unproductive by anyone's standards. Its just that time of year....the June burnout from all the school, sport and activity windups. I'm glad that everyone came out to play - and eat and laugh and chill out - regardless of how much actually got scrapped.

Mary was here last night. She didn't get much done either. Mary can add volunteering overload to her June activity list. She is actively involved in preparation for the Canadian Scrapbooking Crop For Kids coming up in October. When you come to the Vancouver event and you are thrilled with your generous welcome package and fabulous door prize, you will have Mary to thank. She has been working so hard at getting donations. I am so impressed at the generosity of local businesses, including the non-scrapbooking ones.

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