July 25, 2007

Canadian Scrapbook Kit Clubs...

Ok, some of you might not know this, but The Memory Workshop is not the only monthly scrapbook kit club in Canada. Yes, it's true! I did not invent kits. What I did, after discovering kit clubs, was embrace the concept, put my own unique spin on it, and then bring them to a virtually untapped market. I'm spreading the joy of kits!

Why do I love kits? There are so many reasons!

  • They are coordinated. There is so much texture and so many possibilities in one box (or bag) of treasures
  • The make shopping a breeze. All the matching is done for you
  • You get to try new products and ideas
  • When they come with ideas they're even better!
  • Great value. Subscriptions are usually at a savings over regular retail
  • Just enough of everything you need, not too much of the stuff you don't
  • Getting that box on your doorstep each month is exciting!

There are plenty of kit clubs out there and I encourage you to check them out. (is she crazy? Why is she telling us about the competition???) You see, kits come in many different sizes, styles and price ranges and there's something for scrapper. I don't mind if you compare The Page Builders club to the other kits out there. I think my kits will stand up pretty well agains the competition!

A couple of things set The Memory Workshop apart from other kit clubs.

The newsletter. Every kit comes with a full colour 4-page newsletter packed with quality photos, sketches, step by step instructions, and design tips. I haven't seen another Club that offers this. While the projects are completely optional, I know that the majority of Club Members appreciate - or rely on - the inspiration. I don't just want you to buy a kit because it's pretty. I want you to use it. I want your scrapping to be as stress-free as possible. I want your scrapping to be fun again!

We honour the Everyday Scrapper. While artsy 1-photo, 1-page layouts are beautiful and definitely have their place, they Everyday Scrapper wants to get multiple snapshots on a 2-page layout. You'll always find 2-page projects in the newsletter (along with some bonus 1-page ideas). The Everyday Scrapper wants simple, yet clever, creative solutions for the piles of photos waiting to go into albums. I want your scrapping to be productive!

These are some Scrapbook Kit Clubs from Canada. You'll find that they are all different styles and price ranges. I chose to highlight these kits because the business owners have integrity, staying power, and good attitudes about customer service.

Remember This! Scrapbooking

2 Gals Scrapbooking

Pick of the Patch

One thing to note about Kit Clubs...there are dozens, if not hundreds, out there, and they come and go almost monthly. There seems to be a trend right now of "hey, I can make kits! I think I'll start a club!" Unfortunately that doesn't always come with any business sense or experience. Kit making is hard (I'll talk about that in a future post) and being an entrepreneur is even harder. So when you're exploring clubs, don't let slick websites or 'too good to be true' prices lure you.

Here are some Scrapbook Kit Clubs from the US that have good ownership and good reputations (I've tried a few myself!)

Coordinates Collections

Scrappy Girl Designs

1 Creative Bug

Lickety Split Scrapbooks

Legacy Paper Arts

And you'll find even more at Scrapjazz.

So happy scrapping and happy kitting!



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