July 15, 2007

My scrapbooking room...

I get asked alot to show pictures of my scrap space.

Its not a big room - about 400 square feet - but we creatively maximize the space we have. What you see here is crop space for 10 (expandable to 14) and my compact little store area. The store layout changes all the time because stock is changing constantly and when I pack it all up to set up shop at an event, it never goes back in the same spot when get back home!

What you can't see from this angle is the table with the Cricut, and the little fridge I keeped stocked with complimentary beverages.

The area under every table is actually crammed with boxes -- class kits, extra inventory, monthly kits in various stages of development. Gotta use whatever space we can find! I do my best not to let 'scrapping world' overflow into the rest of the house.

When not used for cropping, most of the time the tables are used for less glamorous purposes. Receiving orders, packing kits, developing new projects. Its not unusual for each table to be holding a different 'work in progress.'

There's a sale going on in July -- Everything But The Paper is 25% off! And there will be a new 25% off sale in August. You'll have to check it out to find out what the deals are!

Do something scrappy every day.

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