August 9, 2007

In a weak moment...

Ok, if you know me you know how I feel (felt) about Crocs. Those blasted plastic shoes everyone's running around in these days. Big, bulbous, foam clogs. Clown shoes, really. Sure, they're comfortable. But must one sacrifice all style and flattery for the sake of comfort? (Stacy and Clinton would say NOT!) Yes, they serve a purpose, and they have their place in the shoe chain, just like flip flops and thigh high hooker boots. But there's a time and place, people!! They are not a fashion item, and they are not meant to be bought in multiples in order to have matching pairs for every handbag and outfit. Definitely not work (office) appropriate, even on the most casual of Fridays. (Like yoga pants and pajama pants, but that's a whole other rant.)

I've said from the beginning, Crocs are the ultimate "I give up" shoe.

And then everything changed.

While on a camping vacation last week, the girls (Wendy and I) volunteered to take a trip "to town" for groceries and sundries (aka - strawberry daquiri mix). Even as we drove the 45 minute "to town" we talked about the (lack of) merit of Crocs. What are people thinking? we asked each other.

Now, Merrit is nowhere near the fashion capital of anything (though as the self-proclaimed Country Music Capital of Canada, they'd like to think they are Capital of Something) so we were oddly drawn to a clothing store next to the grocery store. It was an odd mix of work wear, western wear, casual wear, and what might resemble "stylish" wear in the backwater. Half Marks Work Wearhouse, half Fields. And behold! There, in the middle of the store in all it's glory was a rack of Crocs.

First we pointed and snickered. Then we protested the prices. $35 for foam slippers?!? And then we paused. Just long enough to get sucked into the Crocs vortex. Mary Janes! Not those clunky clog Crocs...slim and graceful (as slim and graceful as a Croc can be) mary jane style Crocs. You might even call them cute. And the salesperson raved on and on about how comfortable they were. For work. And how they go with just about any outfit. (she was trying to sell on every reason we had renounced'd think right then and there we would have run screaming from the store)

And then we did a little back pedaling. Wendy is pregnant and had just been complaining about how un-comfy her flip flops were for shopping. And wouldn't they be great beach shoes, and couldn't we wear them in the water? And I am a sucker for celery green. And its so hard to find shoes in my size. And I mean, we're just camping. They are meant for camping right? Time and place. Appropriate. We wouldn't wear them out once we got back to civilization. Deal? Deal.

So we gave up. And we walked out of the store in our new Crocs. And we were comfortable.

And you better believe that this is going into my scrapbook.



Mary Pauls said...

This is priceless!!!! You succumbed to the pressure!!

Izzy said...

LOL! :) I love it and your story. I can't believe you caved! Just promise you won't go out and start buying the matching plastic charm thingys to plug up the holes with... now there's something I really don't understand. Looking forward to seeing the scrapbook page.

Distinctive Moments said...

Cute story. You have to scrap that one. I still feel the same way you DID about Crocs. I just don’t see myself getting a pair.

Cindy @ Who Gives A Scrap? said...

I use to feel the same way and finally got a pair this summer. They are pretty compfy. Dh wanted to know why I didn't get a "Walmart" or a "Payless" pair. LOL

The Craft Addict said...

Welcome to the world of comfort!!

Don't just sit there...SCRAP SOMETHING!