November 21, 2007

HOT TOPIC - Merry Christmas to ME....

Studies show that women (who do the bulk of the family Christmas shopping) will spend about $50 on themselves during the shopping season...maybe because they deserve it for all their hard work spent shopping, or maybe because they know their significant other will drop the ball in the gift-getting department.

I think this is especially true when it comes to scrapbooking supplies. Scrappers either give their family a specific list of scrapbook stuff to buy, or they ask them NOT to buy them anything scrappy because they know they'll have no clue what to get.

So what about you? Do you often find yourself getting "a little something" for yourself during your holiday gift hunt?

And if you do ask for scrappy stuff for Christmas, do you give your S.O. a specific list? (feel free to provide me with your wish list, then send hubby or family my way. I'll even gift wrap it for them!)

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