January 17, 2008

Top 5, and other random scrapbook musings...

This is the time of year when we get introspective, start assessing priorities, make new plans (and dare I say - resolutions). Of course some of my thoughts turn out to be about scrapbooking.

Top 5 Reasons why I love scrapbooking:

1. Its a hobby with a purpose. I can spend ample leisure time doing something enjoyable, yet without mounds of guilt. The end result is meant to last lifetimes and is for everyone to enjoy. My kids are my biggest fans and love to look at scrapbooks - even if they aren't in them! It just goes to show that my memories and stories are meaningful.

2. It's social. Or not. In my early days of scrapbooking I mostly did it alone, during nap time and in the evenings. And I'm perfectly happy in my solitary rubon, paper, scissors world. And productive too. Again, it's a leisure activity, but it feels more productive than watching TV or surfing the net. The only other sedentary activity that I'd choose over scrapbooking is reading a good book.

3. Wait. Didn't I say it was social? This is probably the BEST part about scrapbooking for me. (I should point out that this list is in completely random order). About a year after I started scrapping I went to my first retreat with my sister-in-law. It was there that I met Janice who has been a huge influence on the direction of my scrapbooking career. That first retreat has led to a job that takes me to MANY retreats each year. In fact, I'm going back to that very same retreat location again very soon!

4. I can be creative without being crafty. I've never felt that I was crafty, which is probably why no other *craft* has held my interest very long. Creating stuff from scratch seems messy and fussy and involves alot of trial and error, which I don't have patience for. But with scrapbooking, there are unlimited resources and products available that make it EASY to create a layout without much stress or mess - that still looks fantastic. Of course, scrapbooking can be as crafty and artistic as you want it to be. Which leads me to #5....

5. There are no mistakes in scrapbooking. Seriously. You can't screw it up. There is no wrong way to scrapbook. It's not a contest (unless you enter a contest) and nobody's keeping score. Any mistake can be fixed, altered or covered up. Think of it as an improvement on the original design! I love being able to let go of perfectionism and "stick it down and move on." Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and its totally up to you who your *beholders* are. The people who matter are going to love your albums because you made them, period.

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