February 5, 2008

Get HAPPY! These kits are FUN!

The colours and patterns will make you smile. The layouts are fresh & fun. Chase those winter blues away with a bright & cheery kit that will get you smiling! The "ritzy" one is the Main kits, and the "far Out" one is the Bonus kit. There are a few of both still available.

You can admire them from afar, or order them up in the store and brighten a day in your very near future.

And here's a crazy thing...It's only Feb 5, and I can tell you that even with the increase in production we are already sold out for March. By "sold out" I mean that we have the same number of subscribers as kits. If someone skips a kit, of substitutes for the Bonus kit, there will be leftovers, but there are officially NO subscription spots available in March at this moment. April is looking good though! More kits AGAIN in April & May.

I guess what I'm getting at is...if a kit subscription is on your radar, GET ON THE LIST ASAP to avoid disappoinment. I'm not KITTING AROUND here!


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