February 27, 2008

What was your favourite part of today?

This is a little game the kids and I play at bed time. Between the goodnight hugs and kisses we each list our favourite 3 (or more) things.

Without fail, May's Top 2 things are: "hugging and kissing" and "right now" -- and then she usually finishes off with a short list of the places she went or people she played with (or the candy she ate).

Todd's list is never ending! He starts out with "hugging and kissing" and "right now" and then lists every activity of the day, in chronological order...from cereal for breakfast, to new toothpaste, to playing outside, to the pajamas he's wearing right that very moment. Its encouraging to know that he will go through life with a "glass half full" attitude.

May - at her worst - can be a bit of a grumpy-grump, a little moody, a little dramatic, a tiny bit lazy difficult to motivate. The attitude she wakes up with is the one she carries through the day. Some days start out bad and go downhill from there.

Even on the worst day our "favourtie parts" give you the opportunity to reflect on what is GOOD about life, and end the day positively.

I'm thinking this will make a good scrapbook layout, if not an entire mini album.

What was YOUR favourite part of today?


Anonymous said...

Seeing the March kit - the colours WOW! KelleyB

Anonymous said...

having my coffee in the morning and having a shower....seriously.


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