March 21, 2008

BC Crop for Kids - Sept 2008

Plans are moving right along with the BC Crop For Kids coming up in September.

~ Fantastic local stores are sponsoring and teaching classes.
~ All class proceeds will go directly to the fundraiser.
~ Local non-scrapbooking businesses and individuals are offering donations and sponsorship (and the official call for donations hasn't even gone out yet!)
~ Manufacturers are donating prizes, welcome pack items, and more.
~ Many of you have already offered to volunteer before and during the event.
~ The mailing list is growing!

How can you be involved? Well for starters, just register for a crop seat! Net proceeds from seat sales for the BC Crop For Kids will go to charity. And once you're there, you'll want to take classes - in most cases 100% of the class fee will be donated! You'll have the opportunity to pre-register for classes once you're registered and paid for the crop. (If there are class kits leftover you'll be able to purchase them at the BC Crop For Kids event.)

Oh yeah, and go check out the cute new BC Crop For Kids logo and colour scheme!

I am so thrilled to be a co-coordinator on the BC Crop For Kids team. This is a really special event to benefit BC Children's Hospital Foundation and bring together all of you local scrapbookers & paper crafters.


Anonymous said...

I may sound crazy but I am not seeing where or how to purchase tickets for the BC crop for Kids on their blog.

If you could please let me know how to go about reserving seats I would greatly appreciate it! Or if they are not available as of yet do you know when they might be?

Sarah55 said...

I wrote the above message and just signed up for a blogger account...sorry for the confusion.

Sandra @ The Memory Workshop said...

The opening date for registration date will be announced soon. Complete details for how to register will be included!

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