June 2, 2008

Been thinking about...

...the whole "being caught up" thing.

And let me just say, this week of all weeks I have NO business spending time blogging, but this seemed like the time and place to empty my brain of these thoughts.

I gave up "being caught up" ages ago. And I'm really alright with it. I scrap what inspires, not "what's next" on the calendar. Its much more fun to match up the photos with my current favourite products, than to be forced to dig thru my stash to come up with stuff to go with photos that just ain't movin' me at the moment.

So is the "caught up" trend over? I see so many people doing extremely time consuming one-photo layouts (not that there's anything wrong with that!) and creating altered items, home decor, mini albums, cards...none of these are getting photos into albums anytime soon.

And let me tell one one reason why "being caught up" isn't so daunting for me anymore. I TAKE WAYYYY LESS PHOTOS THAN I USED TO. Less photos = fewer pages. If you ever want to be caught up, try this. You'll be up to date in no time.

I still scrap what is meaningful -- just with less photos on fewer pages. Last summer I gave some thought what matters, and enjoying the moments while they happen seemed more important than trying to photograph the moments without me in them.

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