June 4, 2008

Here's some food for thought...

Its not your PHOTOS that are valuable. Its your MEMORIES that are priceless. Your photos are simply the illustrations for the stories you want to tell.

I stumbled upon these words of wisdom from Stacy Julian and her blog.

"The history of photography and the fact that it has been, up until a decade ago, primarily the privilege of very few, has created the perception that any and all pictures are priceless. This may sound bold, but this is no longer the case. Any commodity that is no longer scarce, loses its value over time. Now ... before you freak out and think "is she NUTS, my pictures are ALL priceless to me," hear me out. A picture and the memory it represents become meaningful when you add thoughts and personal insights that give it context and significance in your life. Nobody, not even your own children really want to have a collection of thousands of pictures. What they want are a few highlights that help them recall and reflect and be grateful for childhood and life. They want to feel intimate with a scrapbook and know that you have lovingly selected from among the masses, a few pictures for them to keep and cherish. Do me a favor and chew on this!"

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