September 3, 2008

September Kit revealed...

Here it is folks, in all it's glory -- the September edition of the Page Builders Club. You've probably got your fair share of summer photos and this is the kit that will get you inspired and get those photos into albums!

I'm also giving you a peek at the Setember bonus kit. But alas, it is sold out, so it's really just a tease. I'm sorry!

Why a bonus kit, you ask? Sometimes the main kit is just a little too masculine, or feminine, or just to *specific* somehow. So I offer an almost identical alternative for those who might prefer a different colour scheme. Of course, the best value is to order BOTH kits, which most people do. :). You can choose a subscription option that suits you, and never miss out on ANY kits.
Be sure to check out the add-on items available. They're in the online store while supplies last.

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