January 8, 2009


Enjoying 2009 so far?

Mine has been, um, eventful, for lack of a better word. But not *interesting* eventful, just *tedious* eventful. *Distracting eventful. *Crisis management* eventful. And *weather* eventful.

BUT! On a more positive note, I'm off to The Ultimate Retreat tomorrow! First retreat of 2009, at my favourite scrapping place, Loon Lake. I just never get tired of that place! Someone asked me the other day how I do it - so many retreats, month after month. Yes, I know, my job is HORRIBLE. All those weekends away with friends, the gourmet food, the massages, the cozy rooms and fireplaces, the big movie screen, the hours and hours spent in my fuzzy robe and slippers, with the coffee (alternating with margaritas). No laundry to do, no dishes to wash, no noses to wipe. Just horrible. It takes a special kind of person to do what I do. :)

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Anonymous said...

I want your job!
Kelley B :)

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