February 2, 2009

According to Kit Club Member Rebecca...

"being caught up is highly over-rated."

I happen to agree with that wholeheartedly! We were behind the moment we started this hobby/obssession (hobsession??) called scrapbooking. Why not enjoy the process as much, or more, than the results?

Please take a moment to visit Rebecca's blog. Some of the projects she posted were made using various Memory Workshop Kits.

This is a great reminder that you don't have to used the kits they way we do in the kit newsletter. Our projects are provided as a quick an easy solution for the busy everyday scrapper, and for the creatively timid. If you've got better ideas...go for it! Then feel free to share your creations with us. If you've posted your kit projects online, let us know and we'll share the links here. Or send .jpg images to me via email and I'll include them here or in an upcoming kit newsletter.

You never know who you'll inspire!


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