July 22, 2009

If you weren't a scrapbooker, what would you be?

I haven't aways been a scrapbooker. I don't consider myself particuarly crafty. I dabbled in different crafts, finished a few projects -- crochet, pottery, paper tole, to name a few -- but nothing really stuck.

Except for sewing. Throughout high school I took as many textiles electives as I could. I made alot of clothes in my teens and into my 20s, taught my brother to sew, started a quilt; and one Christmas my sister in law and I made enough of these crazy reindeer ornaments made from work socks to pay for all our holiday gift shopping that year. (this is the closest thing to what we made that I could find online.)

So what would I be if I weren't a scrapbooker? I'd probably be a seamstress or a quilter. I still get the urge now and then to whip up a cute kid's pattern or make my own napkins. Or a Christmas tree skirt. Or finish the quilt I started when I was 16. Yes, I still have it somewhere. I regularly read a blog called Crazy Mom Quilts which has me itching to quilt something! She has a fresh, modern quilting style that I love. And she makes it look so easy.

What would you be?

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