July 12, 2009

Layout Inspiration - crazy food

Somehow I got redirected to this entry on a blog I don't think I've ever visited before.
Don't Knock it Til You Try It.

Which got me to thinking....

What is your secret glorious/disgusting food combo? What horror do you put on a sandwich? Do you have a favourite nasty popcorn topping?

Display the skeletons of your culinary closet in a layout!

For the record, peanut butter & pickle sandwiches aren't that bad. Pickles & cheddar are pretty good too. And Elvis really had something with pb & banana sandwiches, though I have yet to try them with bacon.

Have you ever sprinkled sugar on tomato slices? How about a butter (not margarine) and sugar sandwich? Strawberry yogurt is pretty good on corn flakes.

Happy Scrapping!

1 comment:

calnamy said...

ha ha this one made me laugh. One of my all time favorites is Yorkshire Pudding dipped in ketchup. Forget the gravy just hand me that ketchup...yummy

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