September 1, 2009


Have I told you about Peanut yet?
We adopted him in November 2008 along with his buddy Vinnie.

Peanut was semi-feral (born in the wild to a domestic mama cat) when he came to the SPCA wit his sister. He is quite timid, and the most reserved and wary cat we've ever had, and we're told he always did better with a trusted friend around. His sister was adopted out and he was sad.

He met a new friend (not Vinnie) and they went to a home together, but unexplicably, Peanut was returned to the SPCA. He was sad and friendless again.

Then he met Vinnie. And he was happy again. And we agreed to adopt them together. Vinnie is very outgoing and unreserved. Peanut is the strong silent type. Vinnie steals Peanut's food, and Peanut lets him. They spend much of their day ignoring each other. When you see them together they're usually stalking the same prey (an insect on the ceiling or a bird on the other side of the glass).

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