September 5, 2009

Survey Says!

Last month I sent a survey out to all current and former kit club members. The plan was to invite Members to share their views on the kit size, value, format, etc.

So many took the time to respond, and for that I am very grateful! It was encouraging to know that I'm doing so many things right. And it was also nice to know what scrappers would like to see more or less of in their kits.

Here are some interesting statistics:

When asked "how valuable is the monthly kit newsletter that is included wit your kit?"
70% responded that they "can't live without it" or "use it for inspiration every month, even if I don't follow the projects exactly"

When asked "is the size of the kit right for you?"
91% said it's just right! (and the other 9% were split down the middle)

When asked if the balance of products was right, or if they'd prefer more paper and less embellishments, or more embellishments and less paper,
66% said it was just right (and the other responses were split down the middle. How 'bout that!)

38% want an alphabet of some kind in their kits (12% want to see less alphabets)

The top 10 most popular items that members want to see MORE of:
glitters, glosses & paints
shaped or specialty brads
journaling cards, spots, shapes, etc.
finished chipboard shapes

The #1 item members want to see LESS of:

43% of respondents have been members for 12 months or "longer than I can remember"


Great information, and lots of helpful comments and suggests from everyone.

I'll be sending out another survey soon, and this one will be for all scrappers! Stay tuned!


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