October 14, 2009

This kit needs a name

This month I launched a new type of kit. Club Members got to see the new type of kit, and the most paper-obsessed of the bunch snapped up every new type of kit. I can show it to you now, but it hardly seems fair since they're all gone.

Isn't it cute? I wish there were enough to go around!

The new kind of kit will have 10 sheets of coordinated paper (combined patterned and cardstock) and a handful of embellishments to jazz it up a bit. The new kind of kit will make about 4 12x12 layouts. Every month the little extras will vary, and the kits will always be just $10. Great value!

I'm getting tired of calling it "the new kind of kit." It's a little cumbersome and not that descriptive. It needs a snappy name, something fun that rolls off the tongue!

I asked Club Members to "name that kit" and the list of possible names is huge! And so creative! To keep it simple I pared the list down to 5 (which was really hard!) and now you get to vote. Click the link and cast your vote. The submitter of the winning name will win a kit, and I'll draw the name of one lucky voter to win a kit too.


Thanks for voting! The winners will be announced after the polling closes.

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