January 10, 2010

Cinnamon Rolls. YUM!

Over the Christmas Holidays I made Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls. Twice. This was a big leap for me because I tend to avoid recipes with yeast. (too many steps, too much time between steps, yadda yadda yadda...) I'm so glad I took the leap! These are devine.

What you see here is HALF a recipe, which made 3 8x8 pans (8 rolls each). I could have squeezed 9 smaller rolls, or 6 jumbo rolls into each pan, but 8 just worked out.

After icing and cooling I immediately wrapped (with plastic then foil) and froze 2 pans, otherwise the family (me included) would have polished off the whole batch in 24 hours.

Defrosting a pan this morning was a treat! I removed the plastic, put the foil back on, and put them in the oven at 250F for about 30 min. They were just warm enough and the icing was just gooey enough.

I can see these becoming a weekend tradition.

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