April 22, 2010

Scrapbooking Tip - 2010/4/22

I have too many photos to fit on this layout!
This is for everyone who has a hard time "whittling down" the number of photos on a layout. I think we all take too many photos, and then have to decide which ones to scrapbook and which ones to 'scrap.'
Think about the theme and topic of your layout. Think about the story you want it to tell. Before you do anything else, write a rough draft of the journaling. It is about your cousin's wedding, or is it about what happened at your cousin's wedding? Now look through that stack of photos and choose the ones that BEST illustrate the story you want to tell. Use only the best photos and leave the rest.
But what about the rest of the photos?
Use them on a different layout. Yes, you can do another layout of that wedding. There is no rule about "one layout per event". Who were the guests at the wedding? Who was in the wedding party and what did they wear? What did the decorations look like? What did you kids do at or like about the wedding? Were there any 'bloopers?'
Sometimes an event is more than just a short story. There may be several chapters, or a subplot that needs exploring.

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