July 11, 2010

A detour from scrapbooking. Hauling out the sewing machine.

Sewing was something I used to do before discovering scrapbooking. Then scrapbooking came into my life (thanks Lorna!) and my sewing machine got shelved. Scrapbooking and sewing are similar...there are some general rules to follow (but not too many), patterns (sketches) that address basic design, a basic set of tools (scissors, glue/thread) that don't vary much from project to project. On top of that you can add as much creativity and individuality as you like! And there's something satisfying about a craft project that serves a function beyond decoration.
Lately I've been feeling nostalgic about sewing.
I found an inspiring ease-my-way-back-into-sewing project. My 10 year old daughter loves jean shorts. She's a semi-tomboy with ridiculously long legs -- a curse when it comes to finding long & lean jeans on a budget. If she doesn't grow out of them by length overnight, she wears out the knees and hems, or covers them in grass stains and felt markers and spilled Slurpees. On top of that, we stock up on name-brand thrift store jeans when we can find them, so some pairs have had a head start in the wear department.
This project appeals to my appreciation for simplicity, functional creativity AND my frugal tendencies.
Complete instructions and similar projects can be found on the Secrets of a Super Mommy blog.
Next on my list is sewing some pajamas for myself. I'm really picky about style and fabric for my sleepwear. I wish I could live in flannel jammies year round! And it's nearly impossible to find that traditional pajama style in summer-weight cotton. It's true when they say "necessity is the mother of invention"...if I can't buy them, I will make them! The frugal me was very happy to find this pattern in a thrift store for 25 cents.

What have you created lately that isnt made of paper?


Moira said...

I just bought a sewing machine on Friday.. and the girl laughed when I said it would probably never touch fabric... I bought it strictly to sew on my layouts.

Loving it so far

Sandra @ The Memory Workshop said...

Maybe it WILL touch fabric...if you use it to make embellishments :)

Don't just sit there...SCRAP SOMETHING!