December 1, 2010

Catching a break, catching my breath...

The very busy fall scrapping season has drawn to a close. It began with an Ultimate Retreat, then lots of activity surrounding BC Scrapbooking Crop for Kids, a little Scrapping Away at Harrison Hot Springs, and 2 more trips back to Loon Lake for The Ultimate (yes, it's my home away from home!) Nov 27 was my last 'event' of the season (a very fun and successful fundraiser crop for Harry Hooge Elementary. Very well organized by my friend Katy)

So now it's December, and I'm looking forward to a month or so of weekends at home! I'll stick to working Monday to Friday and take weekends off. Kind of like how normal people live. Already those weekends are filling with seasonal and family activities. A play or a party here, a gathering or a cookie exchange there...maybe a little scrapping with my peeps. I'm getting into the spirit! Bring on the butter tarts!!

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