January 6, 2012

Scrappy New Year!

Have you made any scrapbooking resolutions? How about scrapbooking MORE OFTEN? Or scrapbooking FASTER? Or SIMPLIFYING your scrapbooking?  Or SAVING money on scrapbook supplies? Have more FUN?

The Memory Workshop Scrapbook Kit Club can help you achieve ALL of these resolutions and more.

1. You'll be encouraged to scrapbook more often.  A fresh box of creativity every month means more incentive to sit down and use it.

2. Scrapbooking is speedy when you follow the layout ideas that are included with your kit. We do the creative brainstorming for you! Just add photos. (or as some Club Members do, complete the layouts now and add the photos later!)

3. Scrapbooking is simple when you start with a kit, some photos, and your tool tote.  We've done the shopping, coordinating and designing for you.  Get as creative as you want. Or leave it to us, and leave all your other stuff at home. Focus on the kit!

4. You CAN save money by investing in a kit every month.  Our kits are planned so you use just the kit contents, and use up as much as possible.  Fewer leftovers mean less waste.  Use the scraps to make cards, or pull a few sheets of cardstock and some bits from your stash to stretch the scraps even farther! Working with the kits and your existing stash, your impulsive (or compulsive) trips to the store can be cut to a minimum.

5. Join the Club with a friend. Make a monthly date to scrapbook together. Challenge each other. Scrap each others photos just for the fun of it. Scrap the same photos in secret and compare projects. Get out to more crops and retreats because you're prepared! Grab some kits, your photos and your tools and enjoy a day or weekend of "me" time. And ask me how you can enjoy a discount when you and a friend ship your kits together each month.

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