February 6, 2012

Back from The Ultimate Retreat...

I'm back from another excellent Ultimate Scrapbook Retreat at Loon Lake.  People ask me if I ever get tired of going there month after month.  Are you kidding??? With the tasty food and comfy beds, pampering esthetics and massages, the cozy lodge and chick flicks all weekend long, how could you get tired of it??? And that's not even taking into consideration spending the weekend in the company of fellow scrapbookers and great friends!  I can think of worse ways to earn a living.

Interesting fact...over 80% of retreat guests are REPEAT guests...Ultimate Scrappers know a good thing when they experience it, and continue to come back year after year -- often 2 or more times a year!

There are spaces available for upcoming retreats.  The event schedule is on the Ultimate Blog.

Take note of some special retreat options.  In April, there is a 4-day option -- scrap in your jammies from Thursday to Sunday!  And in May there is a separate, but simultaneous, Mom&Me retreat happening in the cabin next door.  Contact Heather through the Ultimate Blog to register for upcoming 2012 dates. 

The 2013 schedule will be released later this spring.

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