February 28, 2012

*Event Update* A fantastic workshop just got better!

The BC Scrapbooking Crop for Kids fundraiser workshop 

"Scrap Your Stash"
Saturday, May 5 -- 10am to 10pm

Instructor Jennifer Edwardson wants everyone to know that included in the 20-layout instruction will be at least 5 double-page layouts...that means you'll be completing at least 25 pages in one day! This is sort of a BIG DEAL for the scrappers who habitually make double-page layouts. (you know who you are!) 

Here's a link to the announcement.

Now, don't let the single-page layouts deter you from signing up for this workshop.  There are ample opportunities to turn a 1-pager into a 2-pager.  Either plan for a little extra product in each page kit, and make a coordinating second page later on, or plan your 1-pagers so that you have two side by side using the same colours and papers. 

This workshop does require planning, and you'll get kit building instructions from Jennifer a few weeks in advance.  Don't let the homework intimidate you....for many scrappers (me included!) its the planning and decision making that slows down the creative process.  Breaking the process down into steps, kit by kit, might seem like extra work, but in fact you will be making more progress through this work than ever before! And to top it off Jennifer is providing all the creativity.  Once you're there, all you need to do is trust the process, stick it all down, and move on!

The Memory Workshop store will be on site to provide anything you need to complete your pages. (change you mind about cardstock colour? Need more stickers for your title? We've got it covered.)  
Colour consultations and design feedback are always free of charge.

The event is over 60% sold.  Register soon and tell your friends to do the same!

Happy Scrapping,
Sandra @ The Memory Workshop

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