August 1, 2012

More than "just scrapbooking"...

I know for some people "its just scrapbooking," and there stretches of  "just a job" time when my days are filled with bookkeeping and paperwork.

But then I get one of Bertha's lovely emails and I'm reminded that for some, scrapbooking is so much more than paper and stickers. If I can delight, educate, comfort, inspire, or amaze just one person at a time, then The Memory Workshop will continue to be my Best Job Ever.

In a recent email Bertha said:

"PS: I was in Italy for one short horrible week: had to come home early because Mom was rushed to hospital: a blessing in disguise as my blood pressure could NOT handle the truly ghastly heat. BUT…..I took some great pictures and have been comforting myself since my return doing a few layouts with your “July” kit. My mom was better almost as soon as I got back: a truly providential “emergency” as my blood pressure is now back to normal. Thanks for being part of my life!"


Denise Hearden said...

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scrapbooking said...

Loved this post. Thanks for sharing your day!

Don't just sit there...SCRAP SOMETHING!