November 6, 2013

SCRAPS FOR THOUGHT: Can you define your "scrapbooking style" in 3 sentences or less?

Have you ever given any thought to what your scrapbooking style is?  Can you say definitively that you fall into one commercial "style" or another?  By that I mean, do you define your style by the look of a particular manufacturer? 

Have you admired a fellow scrapbooker's albums, or at a favorite designer's published layouts, and wished that you could achieve the same "look?"  Do you admire a paper collection enough to buy it, and then when you get home, wonder how the heck  you'll ever use it?

Have you ever dabbled in a specific trend or style and wondered why everyone else's projects look artistic and whimsical, and yours looks like your embellishment bin threw up on the page?

If you have ever said "my pages are boring. I don't have a style,"  I can assure you, you're wrong! Just like clothing and home decor, we all have a style. We may not all be fashionistas or hosts of an HGTV series, but trust me, we all have style!

How would you define your own unique style? It doesn't need to have a name. Just a brief 2 or 3 sentences to paint a picture.

Why does this matter?  Owning your own style -- and its ok to admire other styles, or even take classes or dabble in other styles -- will help you streamline your processes, give you more creative confidence, save you money in the stores, and be more productive overall.

Still stumped? Coming up next, I will post a quick exercise for you, that will help you define your style. Stay tuned!

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Jen said...

I dabble all the time as I work towards feeling I have my own style. Still working on it! :). But I find inspiration from anything and while I'm not always pleased with the results... I still have fun cutting paper and glueing down pretty stuff.

Don't just sit there...SCRAP SOMETHING!