February 14, 2007

FREE TO GOOD HOME - sofa bed

Anyone need a sofa bed for their basement or recreational property? My new sofas are arriving in a couple of days and I need to get this behemoth out of my house! The double bed is in excellent condition. It has been used maybe twice a year in its lifetime. And I'll be honest...the sofa part could use a cleaning and was sort of ugly when it was brand new. You won't want it in your living room, but its great for letting the kids trash it and spill on it in the basement or at the cabin!

The rain all this week has foiled my plan to leave it at the curb with a big FREE sign on it.

Its free if you want to pick it up. And if you need it delivered in Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows it's still free, but you have to come and help us get it out of the house and into the truck!


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