February 15, 2007

Where did all this STUFF come from??!?

I hear all the time from people, "you've got new stuff since I saw you last!" Yep, well, that's because Brown keeps bringing it here.

Brown was here again yesterday. That's twice this week so far. And the Purolator guy was here too. (but he's not nearly as memorable. I mean, have you ever seen an ugly UPS guy?) Where is all this new product coming from? I'll tell you where it's coming from! I keep ordering new stuff. I can't help myself. If it's something you all like, I reorder it, or I order the NEWEST version in new colours & styles. But more often than not I'm looking for fresh NEW stuff for you to play with.

Sometimes I order stuff and it's back ordered. Or it's stuff from the "coming soon" section that isn't in stock yet at the supplier. So it doesn't arrive with the next shipment and while I'm busy unpacking, counting, pricing and selling the first 11 boxes of goodies, I 'forget' about the rest of the stuff. Which is ok, because there was enought to keep me happy in those 11 boxes. Then a few weeks later, to my surprise and glee, Brown shows up unannounced with a box or 2. Or 5. Just in time for the next event.

So yeah, unless you're Donna and you're here several times a week, there's a pretty good chance that I've got new stuff since you saw me last!

PS - you won't always find the new stuff on the website. Most of my business is at events or in person, and stuff moves in and out of the store faster than I can put it in the online store!

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Anonymous said...

I love when Brown comes to see me too! And they are so cute, you are right, I've never seen an ugly UPS guy. Maybe it is because they are so nice, wish they'd replace my mailman, he's a grump. ~Michele *U*

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