February 26, 2007

The good, the bad, and the ugly

and not in any particular order. It's been that kind of week.

Good. Love the new sofas, the whole family does, as you can see from the photo. And I *think* I love the wall colour. Though it might be a bit too dark. Or too blue. Or too something. We're open to tweaking it. Its definitely the colour trend of the season, along with the browns & greens I also love. It's such a great colour that we're going to paint Todd's room and the hall the same. Donna & Ian liked it so much they're going to use it too (in fact, Ian was so on the same track as I was with it, he went to Pier One and bought the same throw pillows as me without knowing it. I ended up returning mine in favour of my other choice, but still. Excellent taste I must say. For a guy.)

Ugly. Have you seen the SNOW this morning? What the???? I got to the grocery store bright and early as planned, and the thought of getting groceries and a doddling preschooler out and back into the car with those huge, cold, wet flakes make me turn around and go home. I can forage a dinner from what's on hand. Dinner? Spaghetting. Lunch tomorrow? Jam sandwiches. I can survive on coffee and golden oreos for a day or so.

Bad. Our cat Buck was killed by a hit and run driver on Saturday. We weren't home but the neighbour found him, brought him out of the rain, covered him and left a note. We don't know if he made it to the driveway where she found him, or if that's where he landed. Anyone who lives on our street would know that's our cat. He and Bentley have been prominent fixtures for more than 10 years. It was his destiny, I'm afraid. He was run over about 8 years ago and lived to tell the tale (a missing tooth, a scuffed ear and wired jaw were all he had to show for it) though I think that probably used up most of his 9 lives. I think I am sadder than the kids. They just want to know when we're getting a new cat. I took the photo above the night before. I know he didn't mean to get dead. He was really groovin' on the new love seat. He's the white one in case you were wondering.

Good. Went skating as a family on Sunday. I think we've found a family activity that the 4 of us can enjoy that doesn't include a trip to Home Depot or McDonalds. We took Todd last Monday and after 20 min of struggling to hold him up, a skating instructor gave us a couple of tips and it was like magic. By the end he was skating on his own, and yesterday he skated unsupported the whole time! May has irrational fears and drama tendencies so she resisted any efforts to get her to stop clinging to the boards. Oh the tears!! But after a few *forced* steps holding onto me, she got the confidence she needed. And by the end she too was skating on her own AND with a smile on her face.

Good. May has been introduced to Tic Tacs. The orange ones (taste like baby aspirin, remember those??). Tic Tacs are her new favorite treat. She's slightly obsessed. Might have to do a layout about that. :)

Good. Crop Night is on March 3! It's been a couple of months and I've missed them as much as everyone else. There are some more Crop Nights on the calendar so if you want to come and play in the Workshop, check your schedule and get your name on the list! It's good to be home for a couple of weekends, because the crop/retreat madness starts up again on March 9 when we head back to Loon Lake for The ULTIMATE Scrapbook Retreat #3.

Bad. And Good. Buying new sofas has turned into a complete living room makeover. And NOT a Trading Spaces budget makeover. I'm not complaining. It was long overdue. (but with all the RRSP ads these days, its hard not to think about where else I could be putting my hard earned money) I've been shopping for accessories and table, which is actually turning out to be more fun than shopping for shoes. I feel so grownup!! No more hand-me-downs. And you would be proud of me. NONE OF IT IS FROM IKEA. (not that I don't love Ikea. Its just time to get some furniture that doesn't require assembly) And the fugly sofabed is gone. Definitely Good. I think my new favourite store is Urban Barn. That's where I ordered my new coffee table and end table. LOVE the new tables. They are so Urban. And yet so barn.

Good. Did I mention The ULTIMATE Scrapbook Retreat #3?? Um, yes, yes I did. I can't wait! Heather lucked into a fantastic location and opportunity and has created such a great experience. I am thrilled to be a part of this one and all the other ones scheduled into 2008.

Bad. Can I mention a pet peeve here?? Sure I can. It's my blog, right? It annoys me to no end when people -- grownup people -- type "that was so KEWL!" or "this totally RAWKS." We get it. It's cool. It rocks. Is it cooler or does it rock more when you say it like a 14 year old??? No. Actually makes it sound a little LESS cool or rockin. Acronyms & abbreviations -- good. They make sense. They're functional. Deliberate misspellings -- bad. KWIM?


Sandra @ The Memory Workshop


Sonia said...

Thanks for popping by my blog.

I have enjoyed reading yours too!!!

I like your idea of survival without a visit to the store. Says she sitting drinking coffee that i picked up on my school run. wondering if i should actually have a biscuit or cook some breakfast.

Although i don't like the cold i would be happy to trade your snowflakes for our rain today. The humidity levels are very high - hot, sticky and wet - yup would prefer some of that cold today.

Sorry to hear about your pussa - I know how hard it is to lose a cherished pet. Take warmth in knowing you will meet again one day at the end of the rainbow bridge

Your Family skating outing sounded like fun - the difference in weather. We have been doing the beach/ocean pool - its great having something you all enjoy together.

Don't you love room makeovers - their the best.

I hope you have fun at your retreat - we are up to #6 and i totally love them

~Suzann said...

Hey, i hear ya on the pet peeves, so we have a new one hear that is driving dad & i nuts ...... "SWEET" i am sure we hear it from M's mouth 10 times an hour, & tonight K started it ! ug !
Sorry about kitty :(
Happy about skating & oainting & tables & really happy about 10 more sleeps to retreat !

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