March 1, 2007


A friendly yet not-so-gentle reminder to NOT LEAVE YOUR PURSE IN YOUR GROCERY CART!

I used to think it was just little old ladies who did this, but clearly its ladies of all ages who think the kid seat of a shopping cart has built in security features. Not so.

This is what Kim has to say on the topic: Read Kim's Blog

And while we're on the subject of purses...

I went to a purse party at Alycia's last week. I set a budget and needless to say, I blew the wad on handbags. I got the one that everyone picked up and admired, and then put back. Why did they put it back?? I don't now! Because once I bought it they all said "I was thinking about getting that one!" And yesterday in the grocery store (which reminded me to post the Purse Alert) a staffer said, "did you get your purse at a Purse Party?" Turns out SHE was admiring it too.

So the irony of it all is that I like to go to 'parties', I offer parties as part of my biz, yet I hate hosting them. BUT I just *might* make an exception this time. Who doesn't love a cute purse??? And I know a certain somebody (C, are you reading this??) was jonesin' for my purse and kicking herself for forgetting her chequebook. I just KNOW she'll show up at my PP with cash in hand.

Now if the Purse Lady would branch out into adorable and funky size 9-10 *shoes* I would host a party monthly!

Sandra @ The Memory Workshop

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Mary P. said...

They have a party for just about anything these days, don't they? Wow a purse party!!!!

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