March 4, 2007

Some scraps, some inspiration....and voila!!

Seriously, sometimes I feel the need to scrapbook a layout about why I love a particular layout so much. Is that wierd??

I'd already been scrapping for hours that night at the retreat (after taking a few hours just to settle in and chill out after unpacking and setting up the store). There weren't many scrappers still up. I seem to hit my groove in the wee hours after the crowd thins by about half. I'd done a few layouts that felt good to check off my list, but none were particulary inspiring. They were "duty layouts."

After a few layouts I like to tidy up and regroup, put away some tools and scraps, before moving on to the next project.

The patterned paper, the stickers, the flowers and the charm were all leftovers from other layouts.

The photo of Donna had already been cropped, but didn't make the final cut (no pun intended) for a completely unrelated layout.

All this stuff was just sitting on my table, waiting for me to do something with it. Cleaning up isn't nearly as fun as creating.

Amazing how you can separate a single photo from a pile of photos from an event, and it gains it's own significance. If I had included this photo in the original layout, it's true meaning would have been overlooked.

So what is the significance of this layout?
1. Donna's love for Tim Horton's coffee. (completely unrelated to our trip to the pumpkin patch, where the photo was taken)
2. Donna didn't know it yet, but she was about to discover the joy of using flowers on her layouts. I put them on the layout as a joke, since about a week before, her comment was "yeah, I'm not that into flowers."
3. It's 8x8, which is Donna's favourite scrapping size. I couldn't have scrapped it on any other size, just for that reason. And as it happened, the paper scraps were a perfect fit.
4. This is just what I mean when I say "inspiration starts with scraps."

Is there a lesson here? Hmmm...How about this - challenge yourself to look past the "event" in that pile of photos, and look at each photo as an individual. Does it have it's own meaning, beyond that of the original event? Does it have a story to tell that needs to be told on it's own page?



Mary P. said...

Sandra, this is a great layout. It's so "Donna"!!!! Great challenge for everyone!

amandajean said...

thanks for stopping by my glad I could help to inspire!

Don't just sit there...SCRAP SOMETHING!