March 12, 2007

Mary beat me to it!

I'm *finally* getting around to blogging about our weekend retreat -- The ULTIMATE #3 -- and I see that Mary beat me to it. That ok, saves me practically *minutes* of typing and now I can say DITTO what MARY said!

What Mary didn't mention -- the stuff that set THE ULTIMATE apart from all the other retreats!!

Coconut sorbet.

All those hunky men.

Movie night.


Prime Rib.

The buzzer.

The blender(s).

The Bubbas.

Little drink umbrellas and silly straws.

Big box of porn.

Cinnamon buns.

A big round of applause for Ray.

Cricut mania.

Clearance bin.

Does that come in a v-neck?

I would have thought with how tired I was that I would have crashed early last night. Instead I was awake past 2am. What is up with that??? Some people got 30 or 40 pages done and I'm really excited for them, especially those with goals and deadlines in mind. I am so not a speed scrapper! I'm pretty happy with the *9* pages I completed, mostly because I love the photos and the stories behind them. Which I have realized is *why* I scrap.

We are so lucky that Heather found this fantastic location. She does a great job of organizing everything.

I did not take enough photos so I'm hoping those with cameras will share. Those hunky men I mentioned? Here ya go!


Anonymous said...

All I can say is ...dotto (oops, little scrapbooking Freudian slip. I meant ditto)!!! I am really looking forward to the next crop but am glad I have some time to recuperate because boy, do I need some sleep and time to detoxify my system! - Denise

Mary P. said...

How did I forget about he sorbet (pineapple for me though) and the cinnamon buns sent from the heavens! :)

It was such a fabulous weekend, thank you Heather and Sandra for all your hard work!!

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