March 15, 2007

Even better than scrapbooking...

Yes, its true. There IS something else in my life besides scrapbooking. Something else that brings me equal joy. Something that makes me hop and clap and squeal with the same giddiness (please tell me that's a word) as double sided paper. Something I collect more than sketches.

And now, I have found Nirvana. Tonight's discovery brought a tear to my eye. Told hubby I might have to get a second job.


So what business does this have on a scrapbooking blog? Let me tell ya. I can very easily combine 2 of my loves:

Boots are Hush Puppies. Layout inspiration came from Jamie Waters.


Mary P. said...

So glad to see you've found another love!! :) I personally can't relate, they look painful to me, but I'm happy for you nonetheless!! :)

Anonymous said...

Those are so great boots!
They are hot! hot! hot!
Please lewt me know where you got them and just how comfortable they are... wait a minute are these the ones that match the purse you had a blog entry about a while ago? or are these another pair?

Don't just sit there...SCRAP SOMETHING!