May 25, 2007

Paper makes me happy!

It's true. Paper makes me happy. I get to see ALOT of paper in this business and the giddiness never goes away.

I'll be having a hum drum day -- all bookkeeping and housekeeping -- and then "knock, knock!" -- it's George the UPS guy and he's got 2 BIG boxes of paper. Nothin' but paper, glorious paper.

Sometimes it darn near takes my breath away! Oh the colours, the patterns. The possibilities!

Am I a little bit nuts? (ok, don't answer that) Does anyone else share my paper pleasure?? Discuss.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love paper, but my real passion is textured cardstock... the richness of colour, the different Bazzill textures...especially Places we know(or Go???) and the doodlebug live oooh and the linen line and...I could go on and on!. I am constantly amazed at how a new colour and texture combo will excite me. I actually buy cardstock just to know I have that colour. It almost pains me to use it but funny enough I love to share my new find with a friend. It's like offering an expensive piece of chocolate to a special friend who is having a bad day.-Denise

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