May 22, 2007

Plan it like Becky...

Ok, so if I've been preaching it all along, and Becky Higgins does it too, then I must be onto something!!

I'm talking about packing for a crop.

All along I've been saying "you don't need to bring everything! Make page kits up ahead of time! Use the kits you already have or make your own kits!" I figure if I say it enough times I'll get the point across to enough people!

Don't bring everything *just in case* or because you haven't decided what you want to work on. Make the decision ahead of time about which projects you want to scrap and only bring as many as you can conceivably finish during the timeframe of the event. Don't obsess about whether you'll have exactly what you need on can buy what you need (and ONLY what you need) at the crop, or make notes for yourself for finishing it up when you get home. Maybe you'll even learn to be resourceful and shift on the fly, and make do with what you have on hand. That would be cool.

Here's what Becky says on Becky's Blog (scroll down to the part that says Planning Ahead):

"...The solution? I always have a few layouts "ready to go", whether I'm preparing for Scrapbook Night at my house or if I'm going to scrapbook somewhere else. This means the pictures are photoshopped & printed and I have chosen the cardstock, papers & other supplies that I plan to use, even a sketch of how to layout the pages. Preparing in advance means I don't have to THINK about what I'm doing with the pictures while I'm also being social and engaging in conversation. I seriously have issues with multi-tasking sometimes, so..."

Be sure to visit Becky's Blog for the full story.


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Mary Pauls said...

Thanks for the link to Becky's blog, I didn't know she had one!! I love her!

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