June 28, 2007

A welcome sign that I'm doing what I'm meant to do...

This is an excerpt from an email I received from a kit club member today:

I was meaning to drop you a line last month. I'd had a couple of truly rotten days ... & was just at my lowest point when I opened the front door & there sitting on the porch was my new shipment from you. I took the time to sit & look through it all & the beautiful papers & embellishments snapped me out of my funk & reminded me to keep creating memories (& pages to remember them by) with those I love.... thanks for exposing me to some cool stuff I otherwise wouldn't look at....

So I'm not a rocket scientist or brain surgeon or anything nearly as earth shattering like that -- but if what I do can help lift the spirits of someone who's having a bad week, then I know my work has meaning. This craft is built around pretty paper, yet its about so much more. When you look at it from this perspective it's not about the paper at all.

Preserve a memory today.


Michele Thompson said...

That was beautiful Sandra. And you are so right, it is about much more than the paper. Your kits always make me smile and you take the work out of preparing for a crop away from home. I LOVE you for that! ;o) ~Michele *U*

americanmom said...

How nice of her to take the time to share her gratitude with you. Remember how many others feel the same way, but don't have the time to let you know about it. You ARE to be commended - good work!

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