July 6, 2007

How cool is this!

Please vote!
My friend Mary encouraged me to check this out. I am now in the running for Mompreneur of the Year!

I guess I am a "mompreneur"...I never thought of myself that way before! In fact, for most of my working life with kids I've thought of myself as a stay at home mom who happened to work a few hours a week. For the past 3 years I've worked from home (more hours than I ever worked outside the home!) and because I love what I do so much, I hardly think of it as working.
When I do work outside the home it is for an *event* and I'm gone the whole day, or whole weekend. The kids are either at home with dad or a close relative, or they are having the time of their lives sleeping over at one set of grandparents' or the other. The kids get me all week long, time is spent with family, nobody is being 'babysat'. Works out great!
Do something scrappy today!
My scrappy thing today is getting kits packed and to the post office. Then May and I (she doesn't know it yet) are going to sit down and each scrap a page. She hasn't scrapped in ages, and since Todd is at school today, its what she calls a "mommy day"


Rebecca said...

I voted for you! It's great you've been able to take something you love and make a business out of it. Good luck!

Mary Pauls said...

You know I voted for you!! :)

Don't just sit there...SCRAP SOMETHING!