September 5, 2007

So you think you want to start a kit club....

I'm curious how many people found this thread because they are researching how to start a scrapbooking kit club. (if you did, please leave a comment. Anonymous is fine :))

I'm also curious how many people get kits (mine or others) and sit around dreaming of the day that they too can have a scrapbook kit club of their own. Hey don't laugh! It happens more than you think (if you're one of these kit club dreamers, please leave a comment too). I was one of those people. I spent years working towards that goal, and did alot of research beforehand.

The reason I'm writing about this is because I see it every day on scrapbooking message boards and yahoo groups...scrappers who decide "I love kits! Having a kit club would be so fun!" And for years I've been watching the cycle of kits clubs opening and closing and recognizing the fundamental mistakes some of those club owners are making. Now, let me just say, not every kit club that closes is a failure! Some very successful clubs have closed shop, simply because the owner(s) have enjoyed the ride and are ready to move on to other ventures. But - and this is a big BUT - more often than not, clubs that shouldn't start are starting, and clubs that should never have started are closing and leaving well-intentioned, but ill-equipped, owners with mounds of stress, debt and unsold product to deal with. Doesn't sound so "fun" anymore, does it?

"Because it would be fun" is the wrong reason to start a kit club. It is WORK. It is a JOB. It is a BUSINESS. And its HARD. Of course it's important to love what you do, but this type of business is not "fun" most of the time. Its also essential to make a profit. How many jobs would you do for no income? If you haven't found a way to make it your single source of income, chances are you need to work a "real" job somewhere else. And if you don't need the income, what incentive is there to ever make it profitable?

Even though the scrapbook kit club market is extremely saturated right now, I welcome the addition of more businesses that aim to build the scrapbook industry up. Retailers who take their businesses and their customers seriously. Business owners who bring the essential mix of business skills to the table, or who find support from professionals in areas where they are lacking. I'd love to see the quality clubs thrive!


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