September 6, 2007

A kinder, gentler rant...

Ahhhhh, so I let my passion for kit clubs get the best of me yesterday. Call me overprotective if you will. I wish every kit club was operated by talented, capable and driven owners. I wish there were fewer poorly operated kit clubs out there giving kits and kit clubs in general a bad reputation.

I wish everyone who chooses to be an entrepreneur the very best of luck!!

And on that note...

...a little background about myself.

I've been scrapbooking for 7 years, starting just before Becky Higgins became an icon. In fact, it was a year later that her book, Scrapbooking Secrets, came out and revolutionized my scrapbooking style. Helped me define my style. Can't say enough good things about Becky's impact on the scrapbooking universe.

A couple of years later I wrangled myself a job at a LSS (hi Pam!!) and knew that I had a passion and talent for inspiring other scrapbookers. (I don't just want to teach you how to do stuff...I want to give you permission & freedom to scrap your memories with confidence, in your own personal style). From there I fell into teaching private classes and discovered there was a market for my personal brand of inspiration.

In July 2004 the Memory Workshop Scrapbook Co. was born. The "workshop" part of the name came from the idea of scrapbooking classes and "workshops"...and also the idea of "building" pages with the "tools of the trade." I began by teaching classes for small groups in people's homes, and hosting crops at my house. As time went on the scrapbooking events grew to include more crops & retreats, and subsequently fewer classes. (but I still teach classes monthly, and by request!) My plan always included the addition of a kit club, and by October 2005 I'd introduced The Page Builders Club. Its a monthly kit club with a twist -- it's like a scrapbook "workshop" in a box. Each month you get the value of 2 layout ideas with instructions, sketches & photos AND enough product to complete 6-8 pages.

In 2006 I added a scrapbook studio in my home. This is the place where kits are designed and assembled, and where croppers get to hang out and get their projects done. Most crop nights draw up to 14 croppers, and they are relaxed, casual, social gatherings.

What makes me qualified to be a "scrapreneur?"

A passion for scrapbooking is just the start. I have a lifetime of work experience to draw from that I can apply to this industry. My jobs have included mall retail, scrapbook retail, training, office administration, bookkeeping, technical & professional writing, and customer service. I've worked for non-profits, small businesses and large corporations.

I chose this career as a way to earn a living while caring for my children and working around my family. It is a job I can do from home (except the big events) and avoid the expense of childcare. I work harder, longer hours than I did at most of my "real" jobs. Yet my time is still my own and I can still make family and children a priority.

Finally, there is my desire to make a profit and earn an income. I work hard to make it work, because I need to make a living! If you don't make *profit* a priority, you will never make a profit. I love what I do, and I see myself doing it for years to come. I am blessed to have a job that I love.

Do something scrappy every day!

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Tracey Hoffos said...

You have certianly said it. Kit clubs are hard work. As they grow so does the stress of getting all product at the right time for your kits. Along with trying to create kits that are usuable and inspiring for beginners and advanced scrapbookers. It takes a great talent and planning to produce a kit club every month and you certainly have it!

Don't just sit there...SCRAP SOMETHING!