September 27, 2007

What I've learned about scrapbookers...

Spending the weekend with some extremely fun scrapbookers got me thinking about what makes our breed of crafter so cool.

1. Scrapbookers are generous. They will share scraps, tools and ideas. It never fails when you're stuck for an idea...someone at a table near you will jump in with just the right thing to help finish the page. (They'll share their bottle of Bailey's too!)

2. Scrapbookers are self-indulgent. And there is NOTHING wrong with that! Typically scrapbookers are very hard working and over scheduled in their daily lives...taking a night or a weekend for some "me" time is essential and very well deserved. (and why not book a massage while you're away at the retreat, or treat yourself to a pedicure beforehand?) Scrapbooking is NOT just about putting photos in albums. It is social, creative and stress-relieving!

3. Scrapbookers like to have fun!

4. Scrapbookers will scrap for a good cause. The Scrapbooking Crop for Kids is just about sold out in Vancouver, and classes are filling up! Thank you to everyone who has registered (and sent in their registration fee) and/or donated their time and resources to make this an absolutely fantastic event.

5. Scrapbookers like to eat! I have to admit -- I have a weakness for anything 'potluck'. And most scrapbooking events are potluc. Maybe that's why I love what I do so much!!!

Do something scrappy every day!

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Kim Guymon said...

Amen! Scrapbookers are the best group of instant friends!

Don't just sit there...SCRAP SOMETHING!