October 1, 2007

Made in China...

My 7yo daughter learned from friends at school that some toys made in China can make you sick if you put them in your mouth. So every since she has been checking the labels of her toys -- and just about everything else -- to see where it's made.

She has reinforced this to her 4yo brother. He can't read yet, but likes to peer at tags and labels and enunciate. Made. In. Chi. Na.

(as far as I'm concerned *common sense* is as good a reason as lead paint not to put toys in your mouth, but if a Mattel recall is what it takes to get my kids to stop chomping on their belongings, I'll take it)

This whole issue has been good lesson on globalization.

"What else do they make in China?"

"Where is China?"

"Why do they make toys in China?"

"What kinds of diseases to you get from toys from China?"

"Is everything made in China?"

As far as scrapbooking goes, most cardstock and paper is made in the USA or Canada. So are some rub-ons and some stickers. The rest are made in Asia. Almost all other embellishments are made in China. Or Korea. Or Taiwan. So don't put any embellishments in your mouth. Chewing paper is probably safe. And acid free.

The other night as daddy was putting my 4yo to bed I heard, "hey buddy, don't put that library book in your mouth."

"Right. Because its made in China"

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Kim Guymon said...

Dang - I guess I better stop picking my teeth with my Quickutz dies...

Thanks for the warning.

Don't just sit there...SCRAP SOMETHING!