October 9, 2007

Thanksgiving dinner...

We had *2* turkey dinners this weekend, one of which I cooked at home. My 4yo ds declared as we sat down to eat, "I don't want any Russell Sprouts!"

I said, fine, no brussels sprouts for you, more for the rest of us. (he ate the broccoli and carrots without complaint as usual). I noticed him pushing a bite of stuffing around on his plate and I told him to take the last bite and he said, "but I don't like Russell Sprouts!!"

Dude, I said, that's not brussels sprouts, thats stuffing. Its good!

"I don't like stuffing! Or Russell Sprouts!" (yes, he always talks in exclamation marks)

I told him I would pay him to eat that bite of stuffing. I am not above parental bribery, as it works *very* well on his 7yo sister. He looked at me sideways but wasnt' taking the bait. I asked him how much money it would take to get him to eat that stuffing.

"Four," he said.

"Four what? Four quarters? Four pennies?"

"Four pennies."

"Dude, you have a deal. Now open up."

And then the moment of truth. "mmmmm!!!! I LIKE stuffing!!!!"


Mary Pauls said...

That is hilarous!! :)

Izzy said...

LOL :) you got off lightly with 4 pennies! I got as high as $10 with my nephew trying to bribe him to eat some squash!! Even at $10 he didn't go for it.... it's not the right color food group for him!

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