November 1, 2007

Get Organized - what to do with all those chipboard letters...

If you're like me, you've got lots of baggies or boxes of partially used chipboard letter sets. I got tired of digging through baggies looking for the letters to spell "s k a t i n g" only to find that I didn't have the letter G.

I don't even mind mixing brands and colours for my chipboard titles -- I like the 'ransom note' look! And I can always paint a bunch of mismatched letters in the same colour. But what a pain to have to dump out each bag and sift through the pile to find every letter.

So I got 2 of these Cropper Hopper 12-pocket Scrapbook Organizers. This gives me one pocket for every letter of the alphabet (and x-y-z share the last pocket). I put all the As in a pocket, regardless of brand or color...its so easy to find the blue A at a glance!
Vertically store embellishments and supplies in this versatile, book-style designed organizer. Flexible band closes book securely to provide a quick and easy way to transport supplies to a crop. Store and organize embellishments and scrapbook supplies such as foam stamps, ink pads, florals, die cuts and more. Dimensions: 13.80”H x 13.80” W x 1.20”D. Pocket Dimensions: 3.75”H x 6.25”W.

You can fit ALOT of letters in each pocket. If you can stuff 24 pockets and still run out of room, then its time to organize less and scrap more!

I just added them to the online store. Which I might regret, since I've only got a few left and my next order is a couple of weeks away. Anyway, if they're sold out by the time you get around to ordering, I'll make sure you're first in line for the next shipment!

Happy Scrapping (and organizing!),

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Nicole said...

that is very cool!! great way to organize those bags of chipboard in my drawers :)

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