November 26, 2007

Monday Morning Musings

What did you do this weekend?

Me, I did a little bit of a lot of things and a whole lot of nothing! I really appreciated having a weekend at home with my family, just doing family stuff. Had a sick little one on Saturday night which took the wind out of him for Sunday. The other one had some tummy issues also, but hers were due to the 'social anxiety' of a birthday party she was invited to. As it turns out, all was well the moment she walked in the door of the party. (breaks my heart that she suffers so much, but I can totally relate. I got "Monday headaches" almost every week due to my aversion to gymnastics classes. What can I say, I sucked at gym and hated looking like an idiot.)

The weather was nice so I forced the kids out for a walk. We counted stinky dead spawning salmon in the river. (Dana, I was thinking of you the whole time!) Yes it smells, and yes, its much more interesting than it sounds!

On the scrapbooking end of things, I got some organizing done in my scrapbook studio, and worked on the designs for the upcoming December Kit. (see previous post) I also spent a bit of time scoping out prospects for the March 2008 kit. Yes, I work that far ahead. I need to be able to sleep at night knowing that your kits will get shipped out on time!

Thanks to Kim O. for her services on Friday. She freed up hours of my time which contributed to my relaxing weekend.

Thanks to Heather, Donna and Nicole for their great holiday photos, which you'll see featured in the Kit Newsletter this month. (you probably get tired of seeing my kids all the time anyway)

They say it's going to snow sometime today. The kids are very excited about the prospect, and I have to say, I am too. Now that I have proper winter tires.



Anonymous said...

Ah...the smell of dead rotting salmon. I LOVE IT. And I love that you thought of me and not Ross!

Did much of the same this weekend but I also did some Christmas shopping and picked up the last of what I need for my Christmas cards.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I can totally relate to the social anxiety. One of my daughters would be so excited in anticipation of her bithday party but when the first guest arrived she would hide in her room, not want to play with anyone, ask when they would go home etc.It was really embarassing. Oh and about gym class, I too sucked at gym and was always the last one picked to join a team. I hated it. I wander how many of them can run 10+ K? I can!

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