November 30, 2007


It's Crop Night in the Workshop!

It's been almost 2 months since the last Crop Night, due to a hefty traveling roadshow of retreats and crops this fall. I'm so happy! It's great to be back home and have the store put back on the shelves and racks.

If you're not on the guest list yet, it's not too late. Email me if you want to come and hang out from 6-midnight tonight. Crop Nights are FREE and potluck. Just bring a snack or dish to share and the cold drinks are on me :)

Well, it's pretty much December, which means the holidays are right around the corner. Are you prepared? Is your shopping done?

Hot Topic:
Do you shop on Christmas Eve or Boxing Day? Add your reply in the comments for a chance to win some festive scrappy treats from me. If 10 or more people respond, I'll do a draw for over $20 worth of Christmas themed paper crafting goodies!! Reply deadline is December 5.

Previous Draw:
Unfortunately, there weren't enough responses to the last Hot Topic about recipes, so there was no draw. THANK YOU to everyone who shared their recipes, because they are all awesome! I have a weakness for home made holiday goodies and I know I'm going to be trying out a few of them very soon (but not too soon...I DO NOT need a head start on the holiday binge eating!)

And remember...if there's a prize draw attached to a blog post, you can't win if you don't play!!



Donna said...

I love to shop on boxing day but without kids and husband in tow. always an extra deal to be had. however, I do know that a lot of the "boxing day" sales are on as we speak so not always a better time to shop. sometimes it is just an excuse to get away from the family for a few hours. hee hee

Mary Pauls said...

I avoid the malls on both Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. To be quite frank I'm not that fond of shopping. This year I did some online shopping at amazon, toysrus and sears and so far I haven't stepped foot in the mall.

Nicole said...

I avoid the malls on those days...its the people fighting for parking spots that I hate lol!!

Sandra @ The Memory Workshop said...

I avoid the malls on both those days also. IMO Cmas is a 3-day holiday.

If stores closed Dec 24-26, then the busiest shopping days of the year would be Dec 23 and 27! You can still buy all the same stuff.

I've been getting gifts from Amazon, Costco, Superstore, Home Depot. One more trip to Zellers and Haney Place mall should take care of the rest.

Debby said...

Always on Christmas Eve, but not at the Mall! And never on Boxing Day...I avoid the crowds as much as possible! And howdy!! I am so glad your business is going so great! Wish I lived up there in the great white north so I could come to your crop nights! (And plus, I love the snow!!!)

Anonymous said...

I do not like shopping either. I do NOT like to go on Boxing Day. Just not my idea of a good time. My husband does shop on Dec 24...HAHAHA. Every year I think, is he going to learn his lesson? and every year...he's out there Christmas eve.


Anonymous said...

I try not to shop on Christmas Eve or or Boxing day. I like to be home to enjoy the decorated house, yummy goodies and my family!

Anonymous said...

That was me that did that last response, oops, sorry, Kelley B!

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