December 5, 2007

Blogging...another form of scrapbooking

By broad definition, scrapbooking is "the hobby of creating compilations in scrapbook albums, such as keepsakes, pictures, periodical articles, etc." (

Wikepedia adds: "In addition to the collection of photographs, tickets, postcards, and other memorabilia, journaling is often a principle element in modern scrapbooks."

How much different is blogging really? Every entry is a compilation of word, photos and memorabilia (sometimes in the form of links to other articles)

Do you blog? If so, add a link to your blog in the comments. If 12 or more people post links to their blogs I will do a draw for a copy of the latest issue of Canadian Scrapbooker magazine! You have until midnight on Sunday, December 9 to add your comment. Happy scrapping and good luck!

Are you one of the 4 people left on the planet that don't have a blog? You can get one fast and free at


Donna said...

my blog is not all that exciting and honestly I forget I have it sometimes. I use it a my journal, a place to vent and occasionally post pictures or layouts. I am trying to blog more often but I get busy doing something else and I forget.

canderson ~ Distinctive Moments said...

I use my Blog to talk about my wedding and scrapbook business. I keep my customers updated on Distinctive Moments happenings. I also provide wedding and scrapbooking information.

Mary Pauls said...

I am really really bad about updating it. I find I just don't have the time and personally I've been updating stuff on my facebook rather than on blog for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Don't just sit there...SCRAP SOMETHING!